Getting Started

It’s not easy getting over your fears and doing what you need to do. Change can be terrifying, especially when it’s in the direction of the unknown. What will happen? What do I have to do? How can I get there? Will it hurt? Will I have to work at it? And… what if I fail?

The only way we can change ourselves and become better, fitter, healthier and happier is to embrace the unknown. We need to venture out into untested waters. We need to take the road less traveled. We need to stop wondering, stop asking “what if?” and start doing. You know that annoying and overused slogan “Just Do It?” Yeah. JUST DO IT!

I started my journey because I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I hate having fibromyalgia. It often feels like I’ve been robbed of a healthy, pain free life. I’ve lived with it for at least 15 years so far and I STILL haven’t figured out how to manage it. I’ve used it in the past as an excuse not to move, not to exercise and not to change. Why? Because it meant pain. It meant a lot of pain, actually. Yet a part of me knew deep down that if I didn’t figure out a way to manage it (the pain) and get healthier, that I would feel much, much worse in another 15 years.

So here I am. I decided to share my challenges and my successes with you. I want you to feel inspired to change your life and live in a healthier way. I don’t want you to do it for attention, to be skinny or some person’s idea of beautiful. I want you to do it because it feels good. I want you to change from a sore, tired patient to a happier, healthier person that is not defined by their illness.

Will it be hard? Absolutely.

Will it take long? That depends on how dedicated you are. I’ve been doing this for 7 months now and have already noticed a significant difference.

Can you do it? Yes, no wait… fuck yes!

Do you want to? Well, that’s the question to ask, isn’t it? 

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