Workout Wednesday: Low Impact Aerobics and Fibromyalgia


There is increasing evidence that low impact aerobics of moderate intensity do wonders for fibromyalgia. According to WebMD, light exercise like swimming, walking, floating and stretching are the best to control fibromyalgia pain. Strangely enough, exercise is one of the best things for fibromyalgia but one of the hardest things to do. Most people that begin a new exercise routine never stick to it since it often requires pushing through the pain, sometimes a lot of it.

When first starting a new exercise routine, it is best to start slowly. The first video I did was very low impact and about 20 minutes long. I could not finish it all. I could do (at the most) 10 minutes of this low intensity workout before I was at risk of triggering a flare. Slowly, over the course of a month, I did a little bit more until I could complete the whole video. I started out doing it 2x/week and by the end of the month was up to 5x/week. Do what feels good to you. If you can only do 5 minutes of this video, do not be ashamed or embarrassed. What matters is that you are moving and improving yourself!

I have compiled a short list of basic, low impact aerobics for you to start with. Even if you’ve been doing this for a while it’s nice to get back to the basics for a bit. 

The first video I watched:
Part 1:
Part 2:

A few others that are worth checking out:
Jessica Smith’s Low Impact Fusion Walk (For the record, I LOVE this woman’s workout videos!)
HASfit’s 10 Minute Low Impact Workout

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