After realizing how many hundreds of repins my last workout got, I’ve decided to reboot this old, abandoned blog and try to make something out of it.

So sorry for disappearing off the face of the web. Life got in the way. Things happened. Here’s a bit of an update:

I moved to another part of the country and am now a resident of Edmonton, Alberta. We made the move so that I could finish my degree in Atmospheric Science, and as of now only have 2 more years before it is finally complete. My husband got a new job as an employment coach, and our family is, for once, doing very well.

My fibromyalgia has become more manageable despite being in a colder climate. I managed to gain back all the weight I had lost due to overeating while depressed. I’m now on two medications, an antidepressant and an antiseizure medication, which is helping considerably with my fibromyalgia pain.

I still do a lot of walking, and am hoping to update my new followers as I lose weight and work up to strength training again.

I look forward to getting back on track with you!!

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2 Responses to Back?

  1. Sandy nicholson says:

    How good it felt to read your words. I just came upon them tonight but hope to still be able to read more messages from you. I ofttimes feel quite alone Ruth Fibro but am blessed to have a wonderful husband who just lives me for me.

  2. Rubina says:

    It is full of motivation. Thanks a lot. Waiting more from your side.

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